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Biology Ecosystem in Hungary

$4500 Ph.D. online in the field of Biology Ecosystem in Hungary

The University of Hungary is now pleased to open the new scholarship nodes  in the area of Biology Ecosystem. The aim of the scholarship is to engross further studied if terrestrial plans and other ecological of the environment. The main agenda will make up the gap in the field of biology since in the most …

Economics and Management at the University Of Moscow

$19000 Ph.D. Scholarships in Economics and Management at the University Of Moscow In Italy online courses 2019

Are you searching for the scholarship to pursue your Ph.D. don’t worry again, the University Moscow in the department of business management and Economics is offering a scholarship for November intake 2019. This scholarship is aimed at promoting an eco-innovative business minded individual in the scope of control complying with Moscow full-time Ph.D. online program. …

PhD Scholarships at University of Bata 2019

$27000 PhD Scholarships at University of Bata 2019 In China

The University of Bata officially announces offering a scholarship for international and Chinese’s students aspiring to advance for a Ph.D. in the Faculty of Engineering and Design. The University of Bata funds the research centers situated in Bata, Summerland Up. It got its imperial certification around 1966, alongside with various different research foundations following the …

Anna School of Advanced Studies Ph.D.

Ph.D. online degree Santa Anna School of Advanced Studies Ph.D. Scholarships in animal Sciences and health Law 2019

The Santa ANN University is now offering scholarships for Ph.D. Law in natural health’s scholarships. The Ph.D. program will be offering six spots accessible, one of which is serviced for non-EU nationals. The program articulates for preparing researchers equipped for basic reasoning capacity and inventive mind in research in their separate fields of enthusiasm. At …

accredited online International Students

$60000 Research Fellowship Program for accredited online International Students USA 2019

The new Washington Fellowship Program is available on offer under the theme Landscape and nature for the year 2018. Boost your application by been the first to apply for the Washington Research Fellowship Program for International Students in Italy mostly is aimed at providing financial support to the needy student in the scope of Online …

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