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Gough Family Medical scholarship at the University of Queensland 2019

The late Gough Trover left a legacy in giving back to the society through medical scholarship. The Man was great doctor on a very senior place in his performance. Due to the vast challenges he face he kept on the toe to make it a mode for solution development.

The University of Queensland is happy now to announce technocratic opportunity who wishes to study any course in the medical field. The case here is that the student must show agility in professionalism as medical actioner in this platform. All students who come from salvaged platforms are required to prove their academic records and financial need .The Gough family is always yearly motivated to give back to the society in terms of the scholarship. The field of medics can be challenging if it lacks efficient folks who would work and give the solution to people. Academic track for those who have passed through this schedule can tell the benefit of this scholarship. Secure your node and make it happen as soon as possible and see the third eye of your life more fascinating through better education. The entire student who wish to partake their chance in the field of medic are welcome to try their luck in the tenure of Queensland University.         

Scholarship description

About the Award

The Gough family and partnership with Queensland university, wish to offer the chance to the individual who are less fortunate and have an urge to propagate research in the field of medics. Those who wish to show it must have great academic record and proves that they are incapable of raising the school fees. The selected individuals will benefit from the whole tuition waiver in their stay to the university, also allowances to cater their lives in the university. Those guaranteed the offer will have the honor to propagate their leadership skills through the forums offered in the universities.

Application deadline: March 25 2019

Course level: Medical course offered in the University

Scholarship Award:  the grant will be  of $5000

Taken from:  Australia

Nationality:  Australian citizen and all other international student

Eligibility of the scholarship:

Eligible countries: The scholarship is only eligible to the resident of Australia and internationals

Entrance Requirement: The scholarship is open to any student who wants to pursue doctor of medicine.

How to apply

All applicants for the scholarships, need  to send their document through the email given

NB Ensure that the entire documents are in the Micro soft doc and all the necessary are attached.

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